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Some UX things to read

Tom asked me for a list of things to look at to learn more about ‘UX’ a little while ago. I promised him a blog post and then promply got sidetracked by work and having a baby. I’m back on the case now and I figured I might as well share this with the blog too.

So, a brain dump of books/sites which I’ve attempted to add some structure to follows. I’ve stuck to stuff I’ve actually read or are in the process of reading initially:

Firstly, the book which gets lots of people interested and which we now class as pretty much mandatory reading for our clients (we often buy them a copy), let alone ourselves is Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think.

I first got into this stuff reading the work of Nielsen, Norman et. al. so:

Overview / UX process:

Usability testing:

User research and presentation:

Information architecture:

Interface design:

Interaction design / inspiration:

And stuff I’ve got lined up to read or am planning to read:

Here are some other folks’ lists:

Any more anybody?

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